Nourishing Noodles for Active Minds

Whole Wheat, High Protein, Plant-Based Noodles

Ramen noodles are a familiar favorite meal or snack for students from any background, but historically they have been used to fill our kids rather than fuel them. Woodles combines a love of ramen noodles and healthy eating to innovate a more nourishing version of this familiar classic dish. By making 51% whole wheat and high protein options available for school meals, we have an exciting, healthy way for kids to eat!

Our Woodles are:

“Totally Tasty”
We team up both health and taste to make noodles your students will love.
Highly Customizable
Our Woodles can be tailored to suit any recipe, allowing your team to get creative in the kitchen!
Prepared In Minutes
Quick and hassle-free, our Woodles are ready to slurp in no time.
Shelf Stable for 12 months
Stock up without worrying about short expiration dates.

We offer two types of whole-wheat noodles for school meals!

Woodles Whole Wheat

NEW! Developed just for schools

For crediting in USDA child nutrition programs, our noodles meet Whole Grain-Rich and Enriched Grains criteria.

Noodles made with 51% Whole Wheat Flour

A Good Source of Fiber by FDA Regulations

Our noodles contain double the amount of fiber when compared to conventional pasta and ramen.

Palm Oil Free

By using sunflower oil in place of palm oil for our Woodles, we have kept our saturated fat content as low while reducing our impact on the planet.

A Good Source of Iron by FDA Regulations

Woodles Protein +

Now Made with Whole Wheat!
For crediting in USDA child nutrition programs, these noodles meet Whole Grain-Rich, Enriched Grains, and Meat Alternative* criteria

All the benefits of Woodles Whole Wheat

Provides nearly one-third of a child’s daily protein requirement
Our noodles carry 15 grams of protein, making them an easy and delicious way for kids to get sufficient protein for proper brain and body development

A high-quality source of plant-based protein
Our noodles combine powerful grains and legumes to reach a high PDCAAS and provide not just premium quality but a complete protein for kids.
*Meat Alternative crediting is pending completion of the CN labeling certification process.

Designed to be inclusive, all our noodles are certified

Our Noodles in Action

Expanding kids’ culinary world with Woodles Whole Wheat

Introducing whole wheat noodles in school cafeterias provides an opportunity to educate students about the importance of whole grains and healthier food choices!

Woodles Whole Wheat noodles are also an excellent base for the many ethnic dishes enjoyed around the world, allowing your culinary team to continue educating students during their lunch hour.

Meat-Free Mondays with Woodles Protein +

Woodles Protein+ offers a valuable option for schools to incorporate a meat-free day into your menu. All while introducing children to a variety of plant-based meals and more sustainable ways of eating.

Join us on this journey to nourish and educate our future generation with delicious and wholesome Woodles!